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Build Freedom

In Every Aspect

of Your Life

Membership Details

$33 month - 12 month commitment

  • Dedicated MEMBERS ONLY Web Based App Community

  • Curriculum inspired Monthly Topics of Self Discovery

    • Unstorying Yourself

    • Knowing & Loving Yourself

    • Values vs Priciples

    • Shadow Archetypes and Integration

    • Emotional Blackmail

    • Avoidance and Imposter Syndrome

    • Acceptance

    • Forgiveness

    • Setting Healthy Boundaries

    • and much, much more . . .

  • Monthly 2-hour live Zoom Group Topic Based Coaching Call - recorded & uploaded link to community

  • Chakra Embodiment, Intuitive Intelligence 101 & Nature Integration

  • Deep Discount on additional custom 1:1 coaching packages and MEMBER ONLY specials (unlimited access to $22 15-minute session and $77 60-minute sessions)

  • Monthly Audio Meditation and Guide to creating a meditation practice.

  • Monthly 20+ minute Yoga Sequence Video

What if you could take all

you've previously built, developed and accomplished,

and put it in service to your greatest vision yet?

This is exactly what others

just like you have

designed in their

Self Discovery journey

Are you ready to create the next revolution in your life?

Is your next step all about clarity, purpose, and a vision that thrills you?

LIVING your truly

authentic life



the true

and passionate self

who is living it.

Inside every one of us is a True North: an inner 'directional' pointing us to who we really are.

But as you know, we all struggle.

Our past, our experiences, our fears and self-doubts, our mistakes, our validation patterns, our procrastination... all block us in negative and unconscious ways.

Self-Discovery wakes you up!

We coach you to identify your True North in your life now, to trust it, and to transform your life to fit who you authentically are--today.

  • Practice radical self-acceptance to go after and achieve what you know inside you are meant to do!

  • Trust the whole-hearted genius inside you--and begin your next adventure to express that genius!

  • Get radically clear. Take your next aligned step. Imagine bigger than you've dared. And give traction to that vision!

"We've all done this self help... but most of us still don't know who this 'Self' is we're trying to help!

Radically accepting ourselves is our measure of knowing the 'self!' And our lack of truly knowing and accepting who we are is the single biggest challenge to our freedom and happiness." ~Carmell Clark

Active Self Discovery teaches us to see ourselves, and to trust ourselves at a self-actualized level.

Radical Self-Acceptance is our inevitable result!

12 months to live authentically into your genius,

your purpose, and the greater vision that's inside you!

This is not just an online group program...

You are participating in

a complete, interactive,

self-actualization journey.

Return to the Power of YOU

Set healthy boundaries for yourself!

Cultivate your joy now, not later!

Explore how every part of your life has meaning--

Cause your Big Dreams to happen -- --on your terms.

Meet your next supreme moment of destiny!

~Have brilliant relationships~

Instability is not our enemy...

Your sense of PEACE doesn’t come from the world being stable - your sense of PEACE comes from trusting yourself.

Your Host/Coach/Guide

Michelle Blanchette

Michelle is passionate about helping people transform their lives, reach their goals, and remember who they are at their core. As a coach & sounding board, active listener or yoga & energy guide, individuals of all ages will find access to the answers that are waiting to be found within them.

I strongly believe that we are our own experts; we are our own answers & our own medicine, however, sometimes our best efforts get blocked by self-doubt, "shoulds" and the loud noises of life that get in our way on our paths to our greatest goals; our truest passions. There are many ways to get to those answers, however, my focus is on compassionate techniques to quiet the mind, calm the heart, release negative energy & call positive energy to cultivate alignment, peace and strength within the body.

Join me at any stage of your journey through life, but especially when you are ready to dive deep into the essence & perfection of who you truly are; at your core. With your investment in the discovery of yourself, through the excavation of your inner landscape and understandings, you will transform stories, dissolve blocks, float over hurdles and embrace & transmute challenges.

About the Self Discovery Curriculum Creator

Master coach, LifeArtist, speaker, and author, Carmell Clark has worked with thousands of people over the past 20 years - influencing personal and professional transformation and behavioral change. She mentors thought leaders, global change agents, influencers and entrepreneurs. Carmell has the uncanny ability to bring you to a clarity on the deepest level of your being--

We call it Genius Expressed.

YOU: Core Self Discovery is her Level One Flagship Program. It follows the method laid out in her soon-to-be-published book "The Transformation Effect". She skillfully leads groups through her signature method for self-actualization, developed over the past two decades.

Carmell is a skilled storyteller, international speaker, world traveler, and leadership mentor. Her passion is for the study and raising of consciousness, for critical inquiry and conflict resolution, and working with the paradox of power and control in human behavior.

Carmell previously left the corporate world in the 90s. Acquiring an interdisciplinary background in Philosophy and Social Theory, she sold her 20-year wellness center to launch her current company in 2012. The Center for Transformational Influence serves to build self-awareness and consciousness across the planet. Through developing us individually to build relationships of true connection, we are able to establish trust with ourselves and to extend trust into the divides currently shackling our world as the means to transform them.

Carmell designed the programs available through CTI to build inner discernment in leaders and participators alike, a pre-requisite for each individual to own their own authority. Our goal is the transformation of individuals living each day consciously from purpose with clarity and self-actualized leadership.

The Center for Transformational Influence is the vehicle to move this work internationally as well as create Location Independence. Carmell lives and travels globally, leading international women's adventures in Italy, India, and Bali as well as weekend transformational retreats in the United States.

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